Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life Lessons

I write this post as I am currently listening to my baby cry. Why am I writing instead of dealing with her? Because we are trying the Ferber Method. It's terrible….Ok I can't claim it's terrible because this is essentially our first shot at it but I really really struggle with listening to her get wound up when i know I could snuggle her and she would settle in. BUT here is the thing, last night Ben and I took turns getting up every hour with her…EVERY HOUR! Terrible long night! 
My Sweet Little E Bug

My mind skips all over the place on using different 'methods' to get a child to sleep through the night. Part of me knows that a happy healthy child requires really good sleep. Heck a happy healthy Mom requires really good sleep. SO I see the benefit of using methods to get them to learn to sleep on their own. But then this other deeper part of my brain asks "why do we think we constantly need to teach our children (or anyone) that they need to do life on their own?".  Aren't we meant to live in relationship? Aren't we meant to learn from each other and help each other?  I could really go down a long winding path with that one, but not tonight. 

*Note the crying has ceased…small victory…for now…

On the topic of learning from each other, it blows my mind what I learn daily from my girls.  Both of them have been huge teachers for me. Huge!  Recently we have been looking at different options for a new home, and trying to decide what we might want to do and when. After sadly returning to winter from our super sunny vacation I was feeling pouty and whiney about our house. Which is ridiculous because we really do have a great home. Anywho, so I was going on and on about it to Ben when Aubrey finally  rolled over to me (we were all laying on our bed visiting) and says "Momma this is a happy house…"

Forehead slap. 

Takes wise words from a 2 year old to make a 28 year old get a grip.  Honestly she blows me away.  And I swear since then I have had a major turnaround in regards to our home. I view it totally different and keep in mind that it is indeed a 'Happy Home'.  


Aubrey also likes to do prayers. We generally do a bedtime prayer with her and randomly will say a prayer before a meal (we are not very diligent people).  Last night she grabbed hold of Ben's hand to begin a prayer. It went a little something like this… "Dear God, Thank you for mommy, daddy, Aubrey, food…(looks around the room) ahhh water, Princesses, (looks around again) Pink, and amen."  Seriously why not thank God for Pink?!  But this prayer was not enough she grabbed Bens hand one more time and continued " Dear God, thank you for family, food, coffee, stickers and stones….amen"  

So, now I walk around thankful for my happy home, princesses, pink and coffee. The stickers annoy me I end up with one on the bottom of my foot daily I refuse to be thankful for them. 

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