Thursday, October 25, 2012

I don't wanna go home!

This last week we enjoyed the heat of California as we enjoyed Seaworld, Legoland and Disney.  The girls had a rough start while we were in San Diego, not sleeping well and it was a bit too hot for them. When we hit Disney they seemed to find their stride and Princesses. That's right Aubrey got to fulfill her very long life dream of meeting Belle. The kid knows how to put on a good show, at one point in the middle of a crowded gift shop she hopped out of her stroller, held her skirt out to the sides and twirled while singing Beauty and the Beast…I don't lie she did this!

I had full intentions of writing while I was gone but was far too tired at the end of a day. Then when we got home I thought I would dive into all sorts of stories of the trip, quite frankly I feel too lazy for such writing. Instead I want to talk about my depression (Ok not a for real depression but a different sort).

I seem to have two sides to my personality, especially when it comes to travel. I love the excitement of traveling, I even for the most part love airports (I know most people hate them, right!?). I love getting to a new place and finding little shops, cafes, beaches anything really i just like being somewhere new. But then there is this other part of me that is a real homebody. This part that thinks its so easy to just be home and I love the comforts of my own house. 

This multiple personality can cause a real problem.  For instance everyone in our group was so happy to be coming home, come travel day the adults were itching to get on the plane. I dragged my sorry butt onto the plane whining at Ben a good chunk of the way about how I should be able to stay longer. Now that I am home I love having easy access to laundry, my own bed and pillow, My girls in their own room. 

Whenever I get home from a trip to a place I have never been I have a couple week stretch that is really difficult. It is a stretch of time where all I can think about is where should I go next, or daydreaming of the place I just came from.  Then I start realizing how ridiculous I sound since a good chunk of people don't ever really get to travel that I should obviously just be grateful that I get to go anywhere. I mean this year alone Ben and I have gone traveling 3 times. Don't get me wrong I am very thankful for that….but why can't I just go somewhere like…I dunno once a month?!

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