Monday, October 15, 2012


Tomorrow we head off on an 8 day family vacation. This will not be any ordinary vacation there are 22 of us going. I promise you it will make great blog material if nothing!

My sister Sarah's kids still don't know about this trip. She is planning on telling them tomorrow morning as they wake up thinking they are heading out to school.  I have been begging her for months to let me be there when she tells them and she has refused me!  Dammit!  Anywho so I am anxiously awaiting a texted video or phone call in the morning!

This trip has created quite interesting group text messages amongst my sisters, mom and I.  One thing that came across my iPhone today was a text from Sarah informing me she would be bringing the 'no fight' contracts for us all to sign.  They say none of the couples are allowed to fight.  I aint gonna lie Ben and I have had some hilarious fights on our travels. Most of them happen in the airport themselves. I laughed with my cousin Justine about it this weekend. dI told her it's like our Christmas tree.  Every year we have this magical idea of what it will be like to put up our tree…and every year we fight. And what do we say come November every year "Hun lets just not fight this year when we put up the tree. Let's make it really special"   I feel like if I just gear up for a fight this time maybe it won't happen!

All that to say I will attempt a few blogs while away as I am sure there will be some very interesting things to discuss.  

Peace out!

And to all you lovely people out there if you are feeling up to it give that smiley faced woman to your right a click and it will help my blog out, Thanks!

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