Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heat Wave

We’ve been in the midst of a heat wave. Awesome. Summer, right?  WRONG.  My house is the proud owner of three; count ‘em three, irrational women.  My girls and I do not do heat. We just don’t.

We quickly learned that pretty well anytime it is above 25C Elise must be indoors and in some major air conditioning.  Poor little thing gets such terrible heat rash, and she writhes around in discomfort and pain.   She has a legit excuse for being crazy in the heat.  Aubrey and I….Well we love the fall.

Prime example of our irrational behaviour.  Get your canvas ready while I paint this pretty picture for you.

There I am sitting on my couch blissfully nursing Elise. Birds are chirping and singing their songs right out the window we sit by.  Elise gazes lovingly into my eyes, she even stops nursing the odd time to give me a beautiful heartwarming smile.   Heck to make this picture even prettier let’s pretend my house is not a bat cave, instead there is beautiful morning sun hitting Elise and I just right. Make us look like a picture in a magazine.

Then it begins.  The squawking irrational seagull that has snuck into my house starts its not so beautiful song. Then it begins flopping around my living room.  Soon it realizes flopping on the floor is not enough. If it’s going to get anyone’s attention it’s going to need physical contact.  It finds my legs and begins to writhe and literally roll back and forth across my legs.


Luckily I have gotten really good at ignoring squawking seagulls! OK it’s not a bird, no it’s not a plane, and sadly not superman either….it’s Aubrey.
Even a slushy didn't help!

The crying and screeching continued on and on and on. So much so that I think she sometimes forgot why she started (which was because she suddenly realized she was not wearing a dress).  While she was in the midst of this breakdown she would briefly stop to give Elise a kiss and whisper “Aubby loves you sister”. Sweet right.
Then she moved onto the gate at the top of our stairs so she could yell at her dad.

Dad…daddy…daaaaaaddddd…..silence….giggle…realization …..cry….sob….daaaaaddd….giggle…..daaaaddd

Giggle. Weird right?  Nope she realized if in between sobs she breathed into a hole in the gate just right it made a funny noise. Who says you can’t have fun while you are having a meltdown?!

The kid slays me, she really does.  But my humor has been lost in the heat.  I finished nursing. Aubrey had already beaten her dad down and was downstairs with him.  Elise fell asleep like a nice calm child, I put her in her bouncy chair, carried her downstairs and told Ben goodbye.  He knew better then to ask anymore detail.  And I made my escape… 

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