Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cupboard Man

Yesterday was a rough day.  I am not even sure how it became a rough day.  I woke up and thought it was just like any other day, and then it kind of progressed into suckiness.

Ben has started doing renovations in our house. I hate renovations.  I told him this before we were even married. I hate the chaos that comes with it.  But here we are renovating.  Right now it is a smaller project. But renovations nonetheless.  He is installing a second bathroom in our basement.  So this meant he had to tear up the cement in order to get to some plumbing work.

Fine right? WRONG… The day he tore up the floor was approximately 2 days after I had a meltdown and realized I was struggling with depression, so I was still entirely too emotional.  So I spent the day at my mom and dads while Ben chipped away at our floor. He assured me everything was sealed up and it would be a quick and easy task.   Fast forward to me walking in the house 5 hours later… tears commenced.  The room was not quite as airtight as he thought and every single surface, toy, curtain, wall, you get the point was covered in dust. 
 The boss of the renovation.

So we jumped that hurdle with a little help from family and moved on.  Until the last two days when our basement began to have the most putrid smell.  On day two of the awful smell I snapped.  Ben’s response “what do you want me to do about it?”…sigh… I respond, “Ben no matter how much you would like to think the smell is from some imaginary cat piss it is not, do something, call someone I don’t care. Or I am headed to a hotel!” 

I think that was when the day started to head downhill. 

Then he told me that some guy was going to be popping over to look at our kitchen and talk about cupboards.  Since Elise was born I have not particularly wanted to be around people.  Not even people I am super close to. So it was obviously not a shocker I was not overly impressed to spend some time with the cupboard man.  Especially with a toddler who was starting to get sick again and a house that needed a little TLC.  I hate not having a clean house, especially when people are coming over.

Right here, this is where you can start being embarrassed for Ben and I. 

It was a lovely afternoon out.  Our windows were wide open so we could enjoy a cool breeze.  Then our argument commenced.  Just as we were getting to the height of our argument and I am in the middle of telling Ben “stop it, please stop trying to convince me, I don’t care about cupboard man and I don’t wanna hear it” and Ben over top of my voice is reasoning all of his things about cupboard man and why it’s a good idea. And I will admit at this point since we are both foolishly trying to talk over top of each other we were loud…to loud.  We never heard the tires crunching over the gravel, or the footsteps up the walk.  All we heard, in unison with my saying all of the above, was the freaking doorbell… why helllooo cupboard man. Sigh

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