Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aubs Time

This last week or so I have had more time away form Aubrey then both of us our used to. This brings up all sorts of things in the form of anxiety. But mostly I just plain miss her.  I really don’t like time away from my kids. I truly enjoy being with them.   I’m not saying I don’t like or need a break every now and then cause I do. But I don’t think I have ever had one of those breaks where a quarter of the way through I just wants to be back with them.

So, this weekend I really wanted to make sure I got some Aubs time.  I had really been missing her.  And she has quite the little personality nowadays that is extra easy to miss. 

Today we decided to take her to a movie as a special date and we could have time as an entire family. The only problem is Aubrey is sick. Maybe the sickest she has ever been.  But I thought maybe a little venture out of the house would be really good on her. The moment I realized that it was pretty likely that I was wrong went something like this…quiet movie theatre, a tired sick toddler sitting beside her cousin who likes to pester her a bit, then it came just when the theatre was good and quiet…She yells at said cousin “Damn IT!” Sigh.
Aubs helping her Dad out

Exhibit #2 of realizing we really ought to of kept her home.  Ben has her in Home Hardware picking up a few items. I walked in a little later since I was out nursing Elise.   I get in the store and see Ben and Aubs fighting over a little cart. This is not unusual she butts heads with her dad all the time.  But this was different she wasn’t throwing a fit she was just devastated sobbing.  I walked in she looked at me during this, then Ben then just slowly laid down on the floor and sobbed.

The whole day pretty much continued like this.  I never became frustrated or angry with her, it was just too sad to watch.  But I was feeling a bit down that I did not get the kind of day with her I was hoping. But at least it was time together.

BUT the day was saved!

After supper I decided it was time Elise graduated to the big kid tub.  But I thought it needed to be an event!  So Aubrey, Elise and I all huddled into the tub together. Aubrey was ecstatic!  Seeing her smile and laugh in the tub with Elise and I made hauling her out screaming crying from Home Hardware so forgettable!  Elise even had smiles in the tub.  It totally made my day.

Aubrey and Elise

We then carried our family fun into bedtime. I sat awkwardly on the bed nursing Elise, while watching Aubrey and Ben lay together reading books.  She smiled and laughed and chatted away at her dad.  The best part, the best part by far, is part ways through this she was wandering around the room in between us and she stopped to randomly kiss both Ben and I because she was so happy.  And NO it does not matter and is so not weird that her happy unexpected kisses were on our feet…

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