Saturday, September 15, 2012

Falling in Love

I think there are specific moments where we fall in love with our children.  Obviously when they are born there is an immediate love you have for them it's a special moment. But, I also think that that initial love is a foundation. One that gets strengthened and built on through these other moments I'm talking about. I love these moments. And for each girl I really quite vividly remember a lot of them.  Some were repetitive moments things that happened daily even.  I have always wondered what other women's 'moments' are with their children. 

My Favorite Aubrey moment-  I vividly remember one of the first nights that I was up in the middle of the night nursing Aubrey. She was not a great nurser. In fact I was usually in tears while nursing because it hurt so bad, for about 4 weeks.  But I remember one night she had actually latched really well and nurse just as well. Afterwards I propped her up on my shoulder and her head gently nestled into the curve of my neck and shoulder. When I tilted my head just so it hugged her head and aloud me to breathe her in. I will never forget those moments. I often wish I had gotten Ben to take pictures of her and I like this, I even recall a few times almost calling him into the room and asking but then I never wanted and intruder. It would not have been the same. Instead I have locked that memory into my soul as tightly as one can.  Luckily she still likes to lay up on my shoulder like this and I still love it.   I have loads of 'moments' with Aubs but I would have to write a novel to tell them all. They also happen daily and I choose to believe will happen the rest of our lives. 

My Favorite Elise moment-  E is such a different baby then Aubs. Which I love that they are. I remember looking forward to her nestling into my neck like Aubrey did, but she actually never does. Even though Elise is only 4.5 months old I have a lot of moments with her I actually am having a hard time picking just one favourite.  But I think I am going to have to go with the way she loves her momma. She is a total mommy's girl. We can be in a room full of people and she locks eyes with me and will smile and tell the biggest stories. I have been in stores, around family members, anywhere really where she gets locked in like this and someone else will try and come into the conversation most of the time she completely ignores the other person she is so intent in just her and I.  Other times she will give the other person a quick side glance and her brows will scrunch just slightly like she's saying "can't you tell I am busy here".  I love my talks with her. 

I have to add one more favourite to Elise. She LOVES to hold hands. While she nurses, when we are in a car, laying on the floor, tub time, anywhere really she wants to hold hands. 

This week was a rough week with my girls. Both were whiny and miserable a good chunk of the time. But then these moments would happen and when they happen, I just fall in love with them even harder.  

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