Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why, hello Doctor...Don't mind the nasty pink dragon

Yesterday I had to make an unexpected trip into Lacombe for a visit to the walk-in clinic. Elise and I have been battling a case of thrush. Unfortunately everyone was busy so it was too hard to leave Aubs behind. So I debated waiting until the next day when I knew Ben would be home and he could help. Then I looked at my miserable baby and knew I needed to suck it up. And besides Aubs has been a really good kid, so she would be great right? RIGHT???

The little Screech Owl

Both girls quickly fell asleep on the drive giving me a nice peaceful trip.  I considered letting them sleep longer when I got there but thought to myself "meh, they'll be fine", and it was late so I wanted to get moving.  I gently woke Aubrey from her sweet slumber. I could see on her face she considered crying so right away I started talking to her about the fun books in the waiting room and she jumped on board that fun ship. Elise was content as could be too.  We hauled ourselves into the waiting room settled into a few chairs and waited. 

Aubrey wandered back and forth bringing books for us to read. She would sweetly smile at the nurses and other sicklies sitting around waiting.  She put on a good show. She even made dramatic 'I love you' statements to Elise and I making the waiting room swoon, I tell ya the kid knows how to put on a good show. Elise even joined in cooing and smiling at any person that caught her eye. I was sitting there pretty smug. Thinking how good my kids were and how easy it was to haul them around on my own, you know I talked myself up real good in my head. Gave myself a mental pat on the back and a small smirk. 

Next we get called into the room. Again the girls are great while we waited both just laying the charm on me. Then it happened. The worst thing possible the Doctor walked in. Aubrey instantly changed.  It was like a gremlin took over her body. Elise was in her carseat on the floor in front of me, and Aubrey took a sudden liking to the idea of 'rocking' her. By rocking I mean thrashing the carseat around so wildly she even managed to tip it straight back once. Then she decided Elise needed more lovin' which never ends real well. She would push her face into her so hard Elise ended in tears every time. When Elise gets worked up she is totally irrational. So how do I handle this you ask? Well like any other parent. I asked nicely the first time. The next thirty times I grabbed Aubrey's arm squeezed and gave her The Look . The harder I squeezed her arm the more set Aubrey's jaw became and the harder she did what she was doing. It was a battle of wills and I was losing. Luckily we were in and out quick. 

Afterwards I was explaining to her how mad I was and that she would not get said promised treat.  She looked at me slanted her eyes and said "I'm as mad at you as a Pink Nasty Dragon" then looked away. Well said Aubs, well said. 

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