Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missing: My Former Efficient Self

I have always been a really efficient person. I have a pretty great ability to think through a scenario and plan ahead and execute with pretty great success.  I mean I even moved across the country and was able to do it with two bags. One of which contained a duvet. I was even able to keep them at 50lbs so I never had to pay extra for overweight bags. 

Now kids can change this in a person.  

For the most part I just transferred this skill to my kids. I can wrangle them pretty efficiently. I have even gotten all of us dressed, fed, diaper bag packed, and out the door in 20 minutes. Honestly I have done it.  And you know what when I walk out you would think I was walking a red carpet…

Anyways, some days my efficiency is lame. Yesterday was one of those days. Ben and I took the girls into the city to do some shopping and to see my Grandma. As we left the city Ben could tell I was feeling a bit down. He asked me what was up.  I literally felt like the day was spent, feeding a child, nursing, or changing a diaper OR just unbuckling and rebuckling a child into a carseat. 

I love my kids. But man yesterday I wished I was at that point where my girls could have had a special 'Daddy Daughter Day'.   We were in the mall for 2 hours and we pretty much bought one item. ONE thing. I told Ben if I had been there by myself I could have gotten our entire christmas shopping done in 2 hours!! 

Le' sigh. 

But then I have one of those 'moments' with my girls that remind me that it is all worth it. 

Like two days before after a hectic day that required a very unexpected trip to Edmonton, I was laying in bed with Aubrey when she suddenly popped up to have a conversation. 

Aubrey: Momma that was a really good benture today (note she means Adventure)
Me: It was Aubs
Aubrey: specially the stones (she found glass stones in the healing garden at the hospital)
Me: Yeah they were great hon. And if you go to sleep now maybe we can have another one tomorrow.
Aubs: Yeah Momma?
Me: mhmm

She then slowly drifted to sleep murmuring about bentures. How can you not be totally in love with a benture loving 2 year old?

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