Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can you say Ogrits?

Aubrey is getting smart, too smart. Everyday it gets harder and harder to outwit her. To coax her into doing things our way. I love it, and hate it. Actually with me she is usually pretty good. I think she knows I'm more stubborn than her and bound to win. Her and her Dad are something different. Their conversations tend to give me the most laughter in a day. 

Yesterday morning Ben was having a nice chat with Aubrey while he was getting the two of them some breakfast. They were both at the fridge as Ben began to pull things out. He pulled out a container of yogurt and was going to close the door when Aubs spotted the peanut butter. She got her usual excited face on and asked her Dad for some 'teenut butter'.  Ben thought this was a good chance to get her to pronounce the word correctly. Here's how it went…
Ben : Aubs can you say PEANUT BUTTER? ( said in a real teachy type of way)

Aubs replies while looking at him like he is a small child: Can YOU say Ogrits?  

Obviously she felt the need to take the opportunity to teach her Dad a thing or two.  

Fast Forward to a little bit into breakfast time a new conversation strikes up…
Aubrey:  Mmmm we watch Toopy Binoo Daddy?
Ben: No Aubs let's have a nice breakfast and visit. I never got to see you yesterday and I miss you.
Aubrey: Mmmm we try it?
Ben: No Aubs we are just going to visit
Aubrey, said with a little chuckle : Ok Daddy you get the computer!

Ahhh I chuckle just writing it out. She is a girl who knows what she wants and why not try and convince your Dad that if he thinks about it he obviously wants it too!

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