Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Knows Best?

Do you ever wonder what is going through a toddler's mind?  Or even a baby? I often look at both of my girls and try to think what could possibly be going through their minds. Aubrey has unexpectedly come out with some real gems this week.  She has also brought us to a new interesting point in our lives, one where she thinks she truly knows best, but really doesn't.  Let me explain.

She has this new thing where she is very much convinced she does not need diapers AT ALL anymore. During the day she is correct.  She is very much potty trained….but at night…not even close!  Three nights ago in the middle of the night, Ben and I listened to her try to reason with us why she in fact did not require a diaper. The kid drinks like a gallon in the middle of the night, she needs them. But try reasoning with a two year old that you really do know what is best for her at that time…yeah not fun. 

The next night I got her ready for bed and put her diaper on. I set her on the floor and walked away.  She began complaining again and at the same time Elise also began to cry as she too was ready for bed. Aubrey looked up at the bed and exclaimed "Don't worry sister my diaper hurts too!".   At least she had someone on her side that night.

But it got me thinking.  Do we ever get to a point in our life where we ALWAYS know what is best for us?  Or will we forever have times where we are blinded by thinking we do, when really someone else has the right of it.

I can think of so many times as a young adult where my Mom questioned my behaviour or tried to guide me in how to deal with a situation. I also remember thinking in those times "seriously?! As if I don't know how to deal with this on my own. I KNOW what's right…"  *insert hanging of the head.  Now with a few more years, a marriage, and two kids under my belt that perception has dramatically changed.  Some days I don't know how I would get through situations without the advice from my Mom on how to deal with it, or even just giving me a different perception of a situation. 

So maybe we go through a cycle. Maybe we reach a certain point in our lives where we realize that it's Ok, and even a great benefit, to have help. Or even beyond just help but fresh eyes to look at a situation and realize….you need the damn diaper!

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