Sunday, November 25, 2012

Community Theatre

This weekend was our last round of Bashaw performances of Beauty and the Beast. It went really well. We had amazing audiences and the whole cast really put their best forward.   I sort of randomly fell into community theatre, but have loved it since I did. 

As the years have gone on and I have done more and more productions there has been a side of me that slowly has emerged. I have really taken a liking to having a 'character'.  In the first few plays I was mortified at the thought of having any form of a spoken line, or worse yet singing one!  As time has gone on it's really changed for me. I found that I was starting to feel like maybe I could do what others did. Maybe I could actually have a…gasp…role!  And in the last few plays I have, I mustered up some courage did my auditions and got some small parts that have been a lot of fun. 

I was reflecting tonight on how this happened. The thought pranced through my mind as I watched Bryan (a good family friend) up on stage singing his part. Bryan is probably one of the last people you would ever expect to be in community theatre. I remember doing ensemble parts with him where he would stand behind me and lip sync (or so he claims, I think I heard a squeak or two) and now the guy is up there with solo songs. I watched him and thought this guy is a town councillor, business owner, regular (don't worry Bryan I still think you are special not just regular but I need to get my point across) kind of a guy. But seriously the guy shines up there. He continues to blow people away. 

I used to think that it was simply only my Aunty Lori's direction that really brought out the best in everyone. Here is my disclaimer, she really does do this. She has a natural gift for helping people to have confidence and truly believing they can nail their role. BUT…it's not just her. 

In watching Bryan up there I realized it's someone like him who made me realize I could do it.  And not just him but so many others.  I have watched so many people get on stage and just come alive. I have seen people from my community who have not always had an easy time and just shine. And as I watch them you see all of the good just come flooding from them. I remember realizing that I could have it to. That these people were so brave and willing to step up that I was overwhelmed by the notion that I could be like them. 

This was hard for me. I generally do not like being in the spotlight. I'm usually a behind the scenes kind of a gal. 

Anyway. My point in all this is that I am so thankful for the family that our community theatre has created. It's not one person who makes it special, it's not one person who brings out the good, it truly is a community effort. On show days when energy is high and everyone has truly just come together it is an amazing feeling.  And one that I will forever be thankful for. 

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