Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chronicles of a Belle Dress

Day 1 - I am in my element this little girl is eating me up. Best part we are actually IN Disneyland!!  There were multiple other Belle dresses, obvious posers. We clearly looked the most authentic and I am sure the old lady dressed as Belle that kids were taking pictures with was actually just paid to do it. Not very realistic (like us) if you ask me.

Day 6 -  Back in Canada…I didn't sign up for this nonsense!  My wearer is Belle…not Snow White, that chick digs the snow me not so much.

Day 8 - Dance class. Of course my wearer would take me to her dance class, where better to show off the way I can swish and sparkle then at a dance class?!  I truly shone. They way the light hit me just so really helped show that I truly am the only real Belle dress.

Day 9 - Pffttt…Halloween is for fakes and wannabes. Me and my wearer are clearly the real thing and did not take kindly to all the other "Belle's" flaunting about trying to steal our spotlight. Alas in the end I still concluded we were the only REAL Belle.

Day 10- Of course she should wear me again. Why my wearer's Mother would even think something else is more suitable is beyond me.

Day 11 - Ahhh this is the life I just continue to sparkle and shine more with each day.

Day 13- Hmmm…ok clearly these people have never heard of a weekend, or holiday, or break.

Day 15 - SOS….if you see this please help.

Day 17- No sign of a rescue. I am starting to see signs of wear. I hold my breath each time she scales the stairs I just know she is going to tear me, its only a matter of time!

Day 18 - All hope is gone. This wearer shows no signs of letting up...

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