Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Remember those moments in your youth where one (or both) of your parents look at you and say " I can't wait…"?  I remember them. I remember when I stubbornly fought my Mom or snapped or or or and she would get a look about her that only now as a mother I can understand.  It's one that says "Just wait little girl your turn is gonna come and it is going to bite you in the ass….hard…"!

Well wait no more Mom. My time has come. It has come so fast and hard I almost didn't see it. Ok lets be honest I never wanted to admit it. 

Today I finally had to openly admit to Ben that Elise in fact was…i almost can't say it….just.

She is an easy going baby, until she's not.  I did not think stubbornness came in a package quite that small. She can be so even tempered, she has a smile that lights up her entire face (heck even her whole body) and she can lay her head into you in a way that makes just about anyone melt. But then it happens. She knows what she wants and she wants it 5 seconds BEFORE she knew she wanted it.  

See that seems easy enough to deal with right?  You can teach patience, and you can give her what she needs in the moment. But there is often a hitch that comes along with it.  Take for instance bath time a few nights ago. I was tubbing the girls so had my sleeves rolled up holding Elise in while Aubrey played around us.  Elise was happily playing with a toy I gave her. But then she spotted a different one she wanted. I noticed her reaching for it trying to grab it. SO, naturally I picked it up and handed it to her. She threw her body stiff as a board while yelling. I finally figured out she in fact wanted to get it herself…obviously at 6 months old she does not NEED help. She is apparently fully capable of doing it herself. 
I know what you are thinking..."Not that sweet face.."

This is really just one small example of The Elise Show. Here's another…

We are in the middle of a musical production. Last weekend was opening weekend. So we have a babysitter hired to be downstairs with her while we are in action.  She took to the babysitter pretty decently as long as she didn't look at her. OK I know lots of babies can be like this. BUT it gets better. She didn't want ANYONE to look at her. If anyone was so bold as to think making eye contact with her was a kind thing to do they quickly were informed otherwise. The funny thing is she is not always like this. You never know, one day she will be all "hey everyone look at me, talk to me…" then the next, well…

Ben told me "hon it's a good thing to know what you want. I am glad she is strong willed."  All I can do now is look at her and wait until the day she understands what karma is…

Until that time I will enjoy her for who she is a fiery, strong willed, smiley, snuggly, beautiful baby girl. 

*Note- I wrote this last night. And since then Elise has gotten a terrible, terrible cold so now I feel slightly guilty for complaining.

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