Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sick Wars

At the end of last week I had really started to feel a bit of a cold coming on. All weekend I tried to ignore it and went about my business. Obviously my determination alone would keep the sickness at bay, I would not give in to a weakness like this. I'm tough like that. 

Fast forward to Tuesday, Ben is gone to a conference for two days, Aubrey has school/dance, our house has no food, and I am in need of a doctor. Since I am clearly superwoman I arranged for my Mom to pick Aubrey up from school, dashed into Red Deer to a walkin, got a prescription for a sinus infection (F*$#), whipped through the grocery store, got Aubrey picked up then dropped off again at dance, then ran about making a gourmet (ok it was chill) dinner for my family.   And don't you worry I did this all with a big smile and super happy….

Fast forward again to tonight. It's now been almost three days of meds and I feel worse. All day I have felt the weakness that is a sinus infection take me over. Surprisingly this has decreased my mood slightly. 

Then on top of it all BEN starts in with a man-cold. First it was a few texts telling me he wasn't feeling great. These generally followed a text where I told him I didn't feel well. I had a lot of time on my hands today, the girls were easy peasy, but this left time to stew. Jump ahead now to Ben  walking in the door…"oh man hon I don't feel good…" sniffle, sniffle, cough cough. 

This is where my eyes narrowed, breathing became a bit rapid, my head snapped up from my super non-geeky crocheting, "Quit trying to steal my sick-thunder Ben!".  He laughed. He actually laughed at me like this was a joke.  

Then he started in on questions about how my sinus infection started, "did it feel like this…" "did you have a runny nose…".  The eyes narrowed further, this guy was obviously not getting my irritation. "Ben you have a cold, I have an infection which is obviously worse. Quit trying to be sicker than me!"  Then I walked myself to the bath and told him to enjoy making supper :)

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