Monday, February 3, 2014

Week #5

This week was a rough week. All pictures are from my iPhone, I never pulled my camera out once. We were a house full of sickness, crocheting and crazy babies. 

My sister Angela came to my house a little over a week ago with a ball of yarn and a few hooks. She taught me the basics to crochet in about 20 minutes. Now I have gone a little overboard. Elise is wearing some leg warmers I whipped up, she had to be tricked into wearing them, now she loves them. 

Aubs and I sporting our infinity scarves I did. 

With my sinus infection I became a bit housebound, which in turn created crazy kids. So, I finally dragged myself outta the house and took the girls on a date. 
At Edo in Camrose the cooks can see pretty much everyone in the joint. They kept smiling and waving at Elise. This was her response. You can't see her hand but she was poking her fork at them with this look on her face. 

Sick mom + sick baby = multitasking put to the test!

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