Monday, January 20, 2014

Character... (and week #3 of pics)

I love books. I love movies. The characters I tend to really love are ones with characteristics I wish were stronger in me. So living in my bubble I assumed it must be like that for all people. Until my children came along and kind of upset my thinking. 

See, Aubrey fell in love with the character of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Well the problem with that is, she kind of is like Belle. I read a character description of Belle tonight and it describes Aubrey quite well.  

Then I thought maybe Aubs is just weird and it was a fluke for her. Until this last week. Elise had a rough week, sick, teething, all that fun kind of stuff. In desperation one day I got out the iPad, showed her three options of movies, she picked Brave.  I didn't think much of it then. Until she sort of became obsessed. She asks at least a dozen times a day for a 'yo' (thats how she says show). Finally I went and bought her a book about Merida, which seems to mildly satisfy the addiction. 

This is her 'Mom pleeeease a yo?!' pose.

I kid you not, the description I read of Merida could easily be written about Elise. Now I kind of feel in a dither. 

Fine I'll read a book.

Where along the way did I step off the track? Or maybe I stepped on the track, one that so many people do.  As i think back to some of the characters I really love in books and movies, I feel like the qualities I admire in them (yes you can admire a fictional character) are ones I maybe had and lost along the way. Probably due to the fact I spent a large majority of my time worrying that I fit in, or didn't draw too much attention to myself, or was terrified I would fail miserably at life in general. 

As I inch closer and closer to my 30th birthday I realize how ridiculous I have been. Wasting time worrying about most things out of my control.  So, maybe the next step is to step off the track and see where it takes me….

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