Monday, January 27, 2014

Week #4 of Life at Home

This year I am making my countdown towards thirty. I'm not sure how I skipped from being 21 to almost 30…but I did. After my 29th Birthday Ben and I had in-depth conversation about what this year could look like. We usually do this together after each others birthdays.  For me I knew I needed to work my way out of some ruts, but also learn to push through discomforts. 

Pushing through discomfort is a really big thing for me. I have based many choices (more than I care to admit) on the fact that I may be uncomfortable, embarrassed, fail, the list goes on and on.  

Now I am a bit over 6 months away from my Birthday only to realize I have been half assin' this promise to myself.  Thankfully January has been different. This month Ben and I have made decisions about our family, I've joined an amazing circuit training class, and push myself in personal growth everyday. 

AND get this, last week I started crocheting. My sisters and I like to mispronounce it, say it more phonetically, you know to make it still sound like we have some coolness left in us and that it's just a geeky thing we thought we would try. But I, the girl who was given 'special projects' in Home-ec instead of sewing because I was so terrible, am a crocheter!  

Just imagine what next month could bring!

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