Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well Played...

Today I got a glimpse of what life is going to look like with two girls.  Yeah you are all getting this beautiful little image of two sisters giggling together, sharing secrets, just general awesome bonding. Admit it, your head started to go there didn’t it?

Well today my girls one-upped me. They made their own damn image. Because they are not followers, they are going to do their own thing.  Sometimes I wish they weren’t so stubborn like…their dad…

My day consisted of crying along with the odd high-pitched squeal, then that would be followed by an “I just want daddy!” Know what my response was to that? “Yeah well guess what your dad is just going to agree with me!”  You know because obviously the two year old understood this concept. No matter what it made me feel better.
Little team meeting

At one point I walked away from Aubrey who was lying on my bedroom floor at my feet while I changed Elise. I left her there and after listening to on and off crying for 5 minutes I thought it was best I go check on her. Only to find she was doing it in her sleep! She was sleeping and still antagonizing me! She’s good…too good!

Elise decided to join in on the fun. If I took even a half step away from her she squealed. Actually when I think of it this started the night before. My Mom had been holding her while I put Aubs to sleep. I walked downstairs after winning my battle with Aubrey to find my Mom asking “What is wrong with her, why is she screaming like this, I have never heard her like this”.  The second I stopped to nurse her she was fine. That was how the rest of my day today went!

The only time I saw even a slight smile from them was when they were looking at each other. They would both get this little sparkle in their eye like “hey look how good we are at teaming up on her, let’s see how long till she breaks”. 

So, know what I did. Instead of making supper I pulled out a craft. A friggin craft!! I don’t do crafts, that is how messed up they made me!  But you know what I crafted my little heart out and got my first smile of the day, and my last. Le’ sigh.
Our Art project. 

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