Monday, August 20, 2012

Show Time

This last week I got to watch Aubrey become a part of something that was such a large part of my life for so long.  She participated in her first ever Junior Show. She loved every second of it! She even wanted to actually show! 

I thought of many things as I watched her skip through the show (she actually literally skipped a good majority of the time). 

1) I am incredibly old. I seriously have some very vivid memories of the time when I was a PeeWee in the Junior Shows.  Now I watch my daughter begin the same programs. SO OLD!!!

2) My girls are incredibly fortunate. I watched so many people embrace both my girls and carry them along as if they were their own.  Aubrey’s cousins held her hand every step of the way and let her be a part of their show even though she is so much younger. They took her to help feed the cows, Bella let her show in showmanship with her, Jaelayne helped her feel like she was one of the big kids.  As the show went on you could see her embrace the activity around her more and more.   Elise was passed around and loved on the whole time. There were actually a couple of times where I looked at Ben and said, “Where is our baby?”  We would look around the room and spot her with someone different every time. It was so clear to see the connected community. Some of the people were ones that helped me love the community so much and grow within the junior programs.

3) Aubrey loves ‘Shoe Boots’. This is what she calls her cowboy boots. I told her once that they were her Show Boots and ever since they have become Shoe Boots.

4) My nieces and nephews are turning into pretty great kids. Not that they were terrible to begin with, but they are becoming just a bit more exceptional.  Well until they are torturing each other.  Anyways they are becoming real people. Like they do big kid things, without needing assistance from adults. I watched them all crowd around a chute fitting a heifer, seriously the cutest thing in the world.  Each of them had their turn in the ring as well; they each blew me away with how far they have come in just a year.  They all have different talents and are becoming quite the little team.

Her prizes!

5) All of these thoughts just circled me back around to being old again. Like seriously old.  Le sigh…

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