Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fit for a Princess!

Aubrey turned 2 on July 22.  It was an epic princessy kind of a day.  She woke up with a beautiful smile on her face and both Ben and I exclaimed “Happy Birthday!” to which she got a twinkle in her eye and said….”a birthday cake?!”

And cake she had.  I believe the final count was 3 cupcakes, 1 piece of angel food cake, and multiple spoonfuls of icing.  I should also note no actual cake was hurt in the making of this blog. Icing on the other hand felt the wrath of Aubs.  She doesn’t like cake, just the topping!

We princessed the heck out of this party. For one-week solid every night and well into the night, Ben and I spent our time ‘crafting’.  We made big dresses that were themed Cinderella, Aurora and Belle that spelled out ‘Happy Birthday Aubrey’.  Then I also cut out and crafted teeny tiny dresses on toothpicks to go into all of the cupcakes. 
Rockin' on her B-day

Then I went on a shopping mission to find every possible pink item I could. We had pink tablecloths, pink punch, pink napkins, pink plates, pink frosting, pink streamers, pink balloons. You get the point there was a whole lotta pink!  Stupidly I did this shopping with 2 children. No woman should have to shop for a party with 2 kids it should be a law. I’m telling you it just shouldn’t be legal!

The party was done a la’ Kelly style. Last minute, ridiculous changes due to wishy washiness that results in me having a terrible time just saying what I want.  First it was a pool party, then a at home party, pool, home, pool…I think you can see the pattern here.
A and I 

So the weather was supposed to be terrible this made the decision easy. We would rent the pool and have everything there. Done. Ben phoned booked the pool we were set.

Fast forward to two days later, weather change it was going to be beautiful! So we change to at home!  This is all 2 days before said event. 

So we wake up on the birthday day to ….gray skies and rain….eff! 

Oh well we had committed right?!

Then suddenly Ben stops in his tracks and exclaims “Sh** I forgot to cancel the pool!”. This was no ordinary booking; we had booked the ENTIRE pool. Not just a room and public swim…the ENTIRE pool.

SO what do we do? We do both. We frantically phone all our guests explain we will do everything at home and race to the dang pool!

In the end it was a great party. Aubrey thought she was an absolute princess and that was really all that mattered!

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  1. you made me laugh Kelly! we parents are crazy sometimes hey???