Saturday, January 19, 2013

Raising a Parrot

You never realize how often you use a phrase, or word, until you have a toddler who mimics everything and anything. Aubrey has forever been a really big talker. She uses words beyond her years often making her sound like she is a little old lady. 

My family will often tell me of a conversation they had with her and ask "Where did she even learn something like that?".  I am often baffled. 

Recently I started paying attention to how we talk around her. It is like her mind has recorded everything I have ever said to her and she replays it, crazily at the appropriate times.  This can be a good thing (she has really nice manners) or it can be...less desirable. 

*Special note- if you ever hear a swear come from her feel free to thank Aunty Ang and Aunty Sarah for the language lesson. 

In the last month I have been trying to correct her from saying "Huh?".  It was driving me nuts. I would say something to her and she would say "Huh" four times before finally responding to me. I explained to her it's not a great word to use and instead she should say "Pardon me".  

Sadly I quickly realized Ben and I constantly say 'Huh' to each other. And trying to correct that feels like what a smoker trying to quit must feel like.  A few weeks have passed since I started this mission with Aubrey and we have gotten a few less "Huh's" and more "Mom I says pardon." 

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