Monday, December 30, 2013

Some Might Call it Magic...

For the last month our house has been filled with a magic so powerful and real that it has cracked me open. I only wish that everyone could feel this magic just once in their life time.  Each day I watch my little family become further encased in this shimmery magic. 

I say magic because no other word does it justice. Yes it just so happens that we are in the Christmas season and I could give the blame to it, but I won't. I won't let Christmas take all the credit because then it will steal the magic away as we drift into January. 

The coolest part of this magic is that it has manifested itself in each of us differently. 

I have watched Elise absolutely come to life this season. She has beamed with the knowledge that she is capable of doing all the things the 'big kids' do. I watched her intently decide where to let gobs of icing stick to an ice cream cone so she could perfectly place candy as decoration, creating a perfect Christmas tree.  Every morning she wandered our house with such purpose just to be the first to spot Chocolates (our elf).  Each time she finished a new task her face and body took on an air of "i did that, I am so proud of myself".  She's also become so soft, Ben calls it "fuzzy". She has a new tenderness to her that was once kept for only Ben, Aubrey and me. That is something we weren't sure would happen any time soon! 

Aubrey has fallen so far into this magic I don't think we can ever get her back.  Her imagination has run wild.  I have witnessed scenes from musicals, christmas carols strung together to make one very interesting song, and new worlds come to life that I never knew existed!  She's also been very curious about the story of Jesus.  Many questions have been asked and answers have been given to the best of our ability. 
Together the girls have become this amazing duo.  I honestly have lost count of how many times I have turned around to catch Elise walking up to hug Aubs, or Aubrey leading Elise into some imaginary world. I looked up from a book one day to see Aubrey reading her own book with Elise leaning against her shoulder listening in. Their love for each other completely melts me. 

The girls have also been sure to take great advantage of the fact Ben is home.  Ben has been a great participant in fierce games of hide-and-seek, grocery store, dolls, candy land, and my list could go on and on.  The best part about it, Ben loves every second.

As we head into this new year I am so thankful this magic found us. I couldn't imagine beginning a new year any other way. 

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