Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bedtime Prayer

Ben and I long ago established a pretty solid bedtime routine with the girls. It's rare we stray very much from it. It usually starts with a bath, then teeth brushed, stories, prayers, and hugs and kisses goodnight.  I have also gotten into the habit of having conversation with Aubrey especially since she is older.  Often it's her telling me what she was most grateful for that day, or sometimes I will describe a moment in the day where she did something I was really proud of.  Tonight's bedtime routine brought quick tears to my eyes. 

I sat on her bed listening and watching as Ben and Aubrey began creating an elaborate story about a pink Unicorn and a flower, Elise lay on my shoulder watching the action.  Eventually the story shifted, Ben began to make up a story that essentially told her about the 'Angel Tree' up at BDSS.  

When Ben finished the story I lay down next to Aubrey and began to explain that the Angel Tree her Dad talked about in the story was real. And that there are people all over the world who sometimes don't have the extra money to be able to do Christmas, and explained in depth that there are always many reasons why. I explained that we could go and choose Angels off the tree and help to buy presents so they could enjoy Christmas just like we get to.  I also explained that people don't always have an easy time buying food, going on to describe our food bank and how it works. 

I wasn't real sure she actually understood much of what I said. She seemed a bit glazed over and not in the moment with me. So, i moved us along to prayers. Aubrey has taken a liking to starting the prayer and has me finish it up. I asked her if she would like to start tonight, she quickly said yes and that she would like me to finish it. 

She wasted no time diving into her prayer.  I waited for the usual, normally it's talking about how she is thankful for a princess, or certain toy, or something we did that day. Tonight her prayer went like this - " Dear God, sometimes there is people who can't buy things for Christmas and Food. Please help Mommy, Daddy, Liser and Me figure out a way to buy them presents and food."

I love her too much. 

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