Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Fairy Who Couldn't Fly

This fall Aubrey will start preschool.  She is beyond excited, nearly everyday she asks if it is finally time to go to school.  When I explain that it is not quite time yet she grabs her ‘packpack’ and pretends to go anyways.   The conversations and play that ensues is inspiring. 

A few days ago I was working away in the kitchen preparing what was sure to be a gourmet meal,  when I heard soft whimpering behind me. I turned around to see Aubrey with her shoulders hunched slowly shuffling into the kitchen. She looked devastated. I noticed she had a set of thin sparkly fairy wings strapped to her back, “Aubs whats wrong Hon?” .  She looked up with big watery eyes and in the quietest voice cried out “Mom….I can’t fly…”

I held in my laughter realizing this was something she was truly sad about.  I smiled a little and asked “Love show me what you mean”. With her head still hung low she began to hop on one foot “See Mom I just can’t do it!”  Remembering that this is a child with a great imagination I jumped into action explaining I was about to sprinkle some pixie dust on her head, everyone knows pixie dust works, so I sprinkled away.

For the first time she looked up, slowly shook her head at me while saying “Mom that’s just not going to work…” . Then she proceeded to walk away from me shaking her head.

It made me think of her heading to school and how it seems with every year kids lose their sense of wonder, their sense of imagination and creativity.  Other kids begin to tell them what is and isn’t real.  All I can think of now is how do I stop the little fairy in my kitchen from disappearing.  How do I, only one voice, continue to remind her she can do and be anything?  

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