Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Disney Surprise!

I have always wanted to pick up and just leave. Like on a total whim, where people are kind of stunned you did it.   BUT…the ever anxious person who resides in my head never lets me follow through with this. Until…Lucky me, I married someone who DOES do this sort of thing!

Ben has been begging. That's right begging, to sleep train Elise.  I on the other hand found many reasons why sleep training couldn't happen.  So we had been talking for quite sometime about where Aubrey and I would go for a few nights while he got our sleeping situation under control.  I made a joke about us going to Disneyland and that i had seen a good deal.  Approximately 10 hours later when he came home from meetings in Edmonton, he had managed to book Aubrey and I on a Disney adventure!!

The kicker, knowing me as well as he does, he never bought cancellation insurance! And he knows as much as I have anxiety over things, I am also cheap and wouldn't waste the money!!

This trip with Aubrey was such a blessing.  Even though we had just been there 4 months prior, this time it was like she was a whole year older. She was so engaged in every little thing we did.  When she got to meet Princesses you would have thought they were there to meet her.  She would bow, and twirl, and hug them. She would watch them intently as they struck different poses with other kids. Then as we walked through the park she would randomly stop and strike a new pose for passing people. Seriously she should have been on the payroll!

It felt like this magical door was opened for her and I. One where we were able to just be. I mean truly just be in our environment and totally appreciate each other. Seeing the joy on her face all day long, hearing the excitement in her voice was worth every penny of being there.  I felt like I was given this chance to, in a weird way, fall in love with her all over again!   I mean you wholly love your kids the moment they are born, but you fall in love with them deeper as you live life with them. Know what I mean?  

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