Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pink Fish

We had a tragedy this week. Pink Fish died. The night before I watched good old Pink Fish flip around her tank. Next morning, dead. Aubrey and Elise had spent the night with Grandma Jackie, luckily giving me some time to think about how to handle our tragedy.

When I went to pick the girls up I decided to break the news to Aubs. She was not really that concerned, asked a few questions but not too worked up.

So being super bright we forgot to get rid of Pink Fish before the girls got home. As Aubrey sat down to eat this is how our conversation went...

Aubs: Mom I am really sad Pink Fish died. Remember that time I called her Ariel?

Me: Yep Aubs I do remember that time.

Aubs: Mom, I'm just really sad.

Me: I know hon. But I think Pink Fish went to heaven.

Aubs: Ummm Pink Fish is in her tank.

Crap what did I do! Insert a really long explanation about the difference between a soul and body. So many questions followed.

Aubs: Mom I don't want to die.

Me: Oh Aubs you are really healthy, and we will work hard to keep you that way.  (nope I didn't just stop there).  See I had a Grandpa Coleman who died. He was really old and his heart just wasn't healthy anymore.

Aubs : (Her Eyes doubled in size) MOM you mean Coleman, like Mean Coleman DIED!!

Me: No a different Coleman.  SO what should we have for lunch?!

Feel free to send Parent of The Year Awards my way.

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